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Staffed between three offices and licensed in over 25 states, HFR’s collaborative practice of registered architects, planners, engineers, surveyors, and interior designers serve an ever-expanding list of clientele across the United States.  Our clientele list ranges, and includes government agencies, healthcare providers, private business, educational institutions, and religious organizations–but we have decades–long relationships with many of them as repeat clients by providing an excellence in service and design that is true to the standards set forth by founders Hart, Freeland, and Roberts.

At HFR, we believe that our history is bridged with our future through communication, adaptability, technology and integrity.  We have the rare privilege of welcoming innovation and retaining the best of our distinguished history through our work with clients across the country.

Find out a little more about who we are, where we’re at, and were we’re going in 2017.


In 1910, a young architect named Russell Hart moved from New York to Nashville in order to oversee construction on the Hermitage Hotel. Hart decided to stay in Nashville, and quickly assembled a collaborative team of architects and engineers. Eventually the firm would be known as Hart, Freeland, Roberts and the portfolio they amassed can be seen across the face of Nashville.

Firm Culture

HFR Design’s office culture begins with building relationships in an environment that encourages the collaboration of diversified skill sets and the iterative process of creativity. We enjoy forming partnerships with outside consultants, who are often directly involved throughout the creative process. Having the understanding that all of our team members come from various professional and academic backgrounds; we promote the sharing of knowledge, innovative ideas, and peer critique to create an atmosphere that fosters growth. This ultimately helps each team member reach his or her desired level of nourishment.

We at HFR believe that our profession is bridged with our future through mentorship; and by our definition, an evolution of exchange between our junior and senior professionals. Continuing education, advancements in technology, and research are not just talked about around our office, but are an integral part of our everyday culture. Our optimization of office operations and shared thought processes not only provide better value for our clients, but shape our employees.

A Look Back

Our portfolio of work dates back to 1910. Here are some of our notable projects:

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